New Zealand

kati ain’t cute pass it on

kati don’t know how to dress well pass it on

Kati sucks pass it on

why don't you like them anymore?
by Anonymous

my taste has changed

omg you like Die Antwoord? :D
by Anonymous

used to

unfriending people on facebook like bam bam bam

can you upload a video of you talking? that's soo creepy but...
by Anonymous


your art is beautiful & I understand the need to protect against theft but reblogging pics with watermarks isn't exactly a turn on :/
by Anonymous

I didn’t like adding that watermark, it looks terrible I know, but I’d rather purposfully ruin my artwork than have some cunt steal it or remove my credit

Which uni ? ( sorry sounds like stalking :P)

massey wellington

How many followers do you have?
by Anonymous


fuck i love your blog, i'm from nz too. you are an amazing artist.

yey hi-5s for fellow kiwi! Thanku ^_^